Gracie’s offering free ice cream for shoveled-out fire hydrants in Somerville

Everyone around the city has spent parts of yesterday or today digging out from Massachusetts’ latest nor’easter, which in some areas dumped more than two-feet of snow. According to reports, Somerville received 19.9 inches of snowfall, so one local business has hatched a brilliant idea to help the city’s Fire Department and city department workers with the daunting task of shoveling out roughly 1,500 fire hydrant spaces.

That brilliant idea? Free ice cream.

The plot was hatched by Gracie’s Ice Cream in Union Square, which proposed the offer to residents via Instagram this afternoon (March 14). It’s pretty simple: Shovel out a fire hydrant, then shovel some ice cream into your face.

“Alright, Somerville, time to help out the Fire Department,” Gracie’s writes. “Bring in a picture of the fire hydrant you shoveled out and you get a free ice cream cone. Let’s get this done.”

Now if only we could get some snacks for shoveling out our cars and driveways.

Featured image via Gracie’s on Facebook.