Widowspeak’s Robert Earl Thomas provides warm sounds on cold days


Sometimes life provides interesting parallels and coincidences. We’ve long thought the dream-pop of Widowspeak was best listened to in the winter months, the Brooklyn band’s ethereal sound acting like a warm blanket to not only protect from the cold but also align to its moody rhythms. As a fresh wave of ice falls down on Boston today, Widowspeak’s Robert Earl Thomas returns to town this Friday (March 9), performing at the Lilypad with Julep and Quilt’s Anna Fox Rochinski. Last month Thomas released a solo record via Captured Tracks titled Another Age, written across winter 2016 at producer Kevin McMahon’s New Paltz studio, and the nine-track LP shows off the songwriter’s ability to craft emotive, psych-leaning guitar-pop that’s both buoyant and vulnerable. “I wrote ‘Another Age’ after an eye-opening visit back to New York City that felt like a chance encounter with an ex,” Thomas tells SPIN about the title track. “It was kinda like a dream, exciting but uncomfortable. I guess that’s what the whole record is about: looking backward and forward at the same time.” Listen to Another Age and its featured tracks below.