Tyler, The Creator has discovered Wegmans: ‘Whole Foods is trash’


When Tyler, The Creator plays Boston Calling Music Festival in May, someone should tell him we got Wegmans here in Eastern Massachusetts. There’s a dynamite location in Chestnut Hill, there’s one out in Westwood, one just opened up in the Meadow Glen Mall in Medford, and even Burlington joined the game. A new, fifth location is coming this spring to the Natick Mall.

We bring this up today because it appears the rapper recently joined the cult of Wegmans.

On stage at Main Street Armory in Rochester last week, Tyler revealed an interaction he had with a driver named Tony who tipped him off to the greatest grocery chain on the planet. In the video below, Tyler tells the story of him telling the driver that Rochester was lacking in, umm, amenities. “You ain’t got shit out here.”

The driver responded that his city has “a nice grocery store.”

Tyler thought it was “sad,” he went and checked it out.

And like all who wander those Wegmans aisles, Tyler was impressed.

“They got the nicest motherfucking store I’ve ever been to,” he told the crowd, to their obvious delight. “Oh my god, they sell sushi in there. And they bake bread next door! Oh my god, bitch ….what?!?! Whole Foods is trash compared to the shit they got here. The floor clean as fuck… y’all ain’t got shit but goddamn y’all got the greatest grocery store I ever seen.”

Featured Tyler, The Creator photo by Greg Gaffney for Vanyaland, from his November 2017 show at The Palladium in Worcester. [h/t Rochester First]