‘Mute’ trailer: Alexander Skarsgård stalks about in Duncan Jones’ cyberpunk Berlin


We guess there’s something just particularly appealing about retrofuturistic dystopias right now (hey, if we’re all gonna suffer under a corporatist oligarchy in a failing environment, at least it could look cool).

For his part in all this, Duncan Jones is back with a finally-realized passion project, Mute, that’ll hit Netflix super soon. It’s got a great cast, and some definitely fantastic visuals, though we’re a bit worried it might be a bit too late to make that much of an impact.

Peep it:

Zowie Bowie has been trying to make this movie since Ray Allen was a member of the Celtics, and it’s a spiritual successor (and pseudo-sequel) to his excellent first film, Moon (and if you’re willing to believe the internet, Sam Rockwell’s constantly-cloned astronaut character from that film will be making an appearance here), but it’s a bit awkward releasing a cyberpunk movie following both the stylistically similar Blade Runner 2049 and Netflix’s own Altered Carbon, which hits the streaming service just 21 days before Mute does.

While it’s extremely and painfully stupid to dismiss this film based on its aesthetic prior to its release, we will say that perhaps its Scott-aping look might have been a little more novel when Jones originally wanted to make this movie, back in 2010.

Still, it’s hard not to be a little excited about this, just from the crazy amounts of talents involved (Skarsgård will always get us to swoon, regardless of his recent flubs with regards to Big Little Lies), and Jones is an impossibly talented director who has been in search of a good project since Obama’s first term. We’re looking forward to this one, though, and we won’t have to wait too long to see it.

Also, Paul Rudd’s facial hair fucking rocks.

Mute hits Netflix on February 23.