‘Unsane’ Trailer: Steven Soderbergh and Claire Foy are Unsane in the Membrane

Dat Boi Steven Soderbergh is back at it again, this time with Unsane, a horror movie about a stalking victim (Claire Foy) who is sent to a mental institution, and it was shot on an iPhone, and its first trailer dropped early Monday.

Be prepared to read the sentence “shot on an iPhone” a billion times during the marketing campaign for this film, because even though other people have done it before and better (Sean Baker’s Tangerine for one), this is Steven Soderbergh we’re talking about, so people will get unnaturally hysterical over everything the dude does, even if that excitement is, after all, occasionally warranted. So take a look at this trailer and let’s regroup afterwards.

Did we mention this was shot on an iPhone?

Well, that definitely does look like it was shot on an iPhone, guys!

Remember movies like Tape that were early formal experiments with digital video? Soderbergh did a couple of those — Bubble and Full Frontal being two of the most memorable — and unlike, say, Michael Mann’s digital video work over the same decade, Soderbergh’s strictly tech-demo like usage of these new tools was about as satisfying and filling as your average cloud of cotton candy. We’re hoping this is better, but the cinematography is about as distracting as the words “shot on an iPhone” will be to this film’s ultimate quality. But we’re hopeful! Who knows, maybe Matt Damon will show up and it’ll turn out they’ve actually been in Ibiza the whole time on Clooney’s yacht, or Channing Tatum will show up and have Michael Strahan strip?

Regardless, we do know this: It was shot on an iPhone, much like a FailArmy compilation or your brother’s wedding video. It’s democratic.

Unsane, which was shot on a iPhone, hits theaters on March 23.

Image via Bleeker Street.