Boston comedy founding father Barry Crimmins reveals cancer diagnosis


Back in December, the local comedy community rallied around Helen Crimmins at the Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser in Somerville. She has been battling stage four ovarian and cervical cancer, and was supported most by her husband, Boston comedy founding father Barry Crimmins.

Sadly, Barry has now detailed his own cancer diagnosis, revealing his condition on social media over the weekend.

“OK, I’ve told my mom (she’s 93!) so can be more specific,” Barry wrote on Facebook. “I have cancer. My prognosois isn’t good. My care (kicked in Jan 1) attitude and emotional state are all fine though. Prayers appreciated — statements of your stance on spirituality or lack thereof are not. Most importantly, I have Helen and she, despite all of her own health challenges, has been my champion. I love her so much and she makes it clear with her every act that she feels the same about me. We’re OK, we two. We really are.


Barry, the comedian and activist who is the subject of acclaimed 2015 documentary Call Me Lucky, which can currently be viewed on Netflix, has remained optimistic, pointing to the upcoming baseball season as a focal point of his attention.

“Finally, I have to see the Yanks win the World Series this year,” he added. “They are going to be fun to watch and I’m going to watch them every chance I get. #priorities”

Many on social media chimed in with well wishes and support. But perhaps Michael Ian Black put it best, tweeting: “Fucking hell, Barry: you are loved.”


We’ll post any fundraiser information when it becomes public. Below are Crimmins’ tweets regarding his prognosis.


Featured image courtesy of ‘Call Me Lucky’.