‘I Kill Giants’ trailer: This dark fantasy will rip your heart from your chest


Earlier on Thursday, RLJE Films dropped the first trailer for Anders Walter’s I Kill Giants, which we saw back at Toronto International Film Festival and enjoyed quite a bit.

It’s based on an amazing comic miniseries by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura, and it’s also about as upsetting as Return to Oz was back in the ’80s, though it’s just a little less grotesque. This movie is bound to fuck up as many fantasy-retreating nerds as scoliosis, and you will need to bring tissues for sure- we have pretty strong stomaches when it comes to crying in movies, but this caught us right in the throat.

Enough about crying (We’re strong and not vulnerable at all!), take a look at the dang trailer, ok?

Well, the trailer does a good enough job preserving the film’s central mystery, though we’re just going to go ahead and tell you that you are being baited-and-switched, but we think you’ll like it over all.

You know what, actually?

We want you to be fooled.

This movie actually works better that way.

Anyways, Madison Wolfe is an extraordinary young actor, and the cast that surrounds her (including Imogen Poots and Zoe Saldana) does a brilliant job as well. Perhaps what we liked most about the film was Walter’s gorgeous photography, as it seems that nearly every one of his shots was taken right at the perfect moment for Magic Hour haze, and his cluttered frames feel as utterly compelling as his landscapes. You can read our further thoughts about the film via the link in the opening graph, and if you’re interested, we’d highly recommend you check out the comic, which comes highly recommended from both us and your local comic book guy. Again, we’ll just emphasize that you need some tissues. It’s flu season, anyways.

I Kill Giants hits theaters and your preferred Video-on-Demand provider on March 23.

Featured image from RLJE Films.