New Sounds: Dé Von rides the trap wave in trippy video for ‘Hedonistic’



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Let’s cut to the chase: Dé Von’s new music video is some kind of Kanye-level of trippy. Swirling around the Nashua rapper in a dim living room during a one-take shot, the three-minute music video for “Hedonistic” dabbles in the newer waves of trap music while offering some dizzying visuals.

And none of those visuals were planned ahead of time.

Briefly after meeting Trevor Finney, the videographer from Londonderry who shot the clip, the impromptu shoot began in Finney’s living room sans any preparation.

“I reached out to him before just talking a bit because his work is crazy innovative,” Dé Von tells Vanyaland. “Not many videographers or people I know at all have a mind that works like his from what I’ve seen in person and in his work. And that’s what matters to me. This video wasn’t even planned! I was at his place for the first time with like six other people and I think he was hyped on his new equipment for his camera. So he goes ‘whoever has a song right now I’ll shoot a video for it’ and it somehow ended up being me.”

Finney developed the concept for the video on the spot, and with the help of some youtube effects and rearranged furniture, his work was done after two quick takes.

“He develops an idea for a one take and like lights flickering and starts describing effects and everyone in the house starts rearranging furniture,” he adds. “Cleared out his whole living room. He was immaculate. We pulled up some TV static on YouTube and connected that to the actual TV above the fireplace and we just shot from there. The final product is one take out of two. The nature of the shoot was just art-project-esque and spontaneous and it worked with the feel of the track so well.”

You can peep the MoMA-worthy video below.

Featured photo via @dexdemusic.