New Sounds: Luna Shadows flaunts an endless California summer on ‘Youth’


Filming your sick new summer-tinged music video at an arcade comes at a price: $30 worth of coins, specifically.

“This is what $30 in quarters looks like,” Los Angeles-based pop singer Luna Shadows tweeted out yesterday (November 28), showing clips from her new video “Youth,” featuring high heels on Dance Dance Revolution mats, tickets spewing from skee-ball machines, and faded neon glimmer from arcade games. Hey, aesthetic never comes cheap.

“Youth,” the title track of Luna Shadows’ 2017 EP, shimmers with the effervescing charm and appeal of sunset-drenched summers on the West Coast, and singer’s new music video for the song doesn’t deliver anything less.

“My wasted youth’s not wasted if it’s on you,” the singer coos on the refrain while the synths launch into full alt-pop mode, twinkling with the promise of warmer weather and mended hearts.

It’s balmy, it’s fresh, and it’s what we need right now as we prepare for the seemingly endless New England winter. Check out the new video pre-snowpocalypse below.