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New Sounds: Lizzo buries her ex’s bullshit on ‘Truth Hurts’


When Vanyaland talked to Lizzo back in June, the part-rapper, part-self-confidence goddess said things with her forthcoming debut album via Atlantic records were “solid, man.” Come September, Lizzo is slowly unveiling her new material, building upon a fortress of fierceness from her Coconut Oil EP, starting with new tracks “Water Me” and now “Truth Hurts.”

“I put the ‘sing’ in single,” Lizzo belts as she (spoiler alert) marries her damn self at the altar in the music video for “Truth Hurts”, which dropped yesterday. Other whiplash wiseass lyrical remarks on the track include “I just took a DNA test/Turns out I’m 100% that bitch” and “Shampoo press/Get you out of my hair,” both per her signature sass.

“Like I was telling you, on Coconut Oil, I had all this strength, and this is going to be very vulnerable — vulnerable but strong, because I created that foundation of strength in Coconut Oil,” Lizzo told Vanyaland of her forthcoming album this summer.


Thus far, her debut release with Atlantic is chalking up to be just that. Check out Lizzo in some baller wedding couture in the video below: