Jello Biafra joins Mike Patton’s Dead Cross for ‘Nazi Punks F*ck Off’ cover in California


Last night, California boasted some uber allies in the battle against President Trump.

Former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra joined up with Dead Cross — a hardcore punk and metal supergroup featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More), Dave Lombardo (Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer), Justin Pearson (the Locust), and Mike Crain (Retox) — for a punchy rendition of the Bay Area punk band’s 1981 classic, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off.”

This version, however, has been amended to aim its rage towards “Nazi Trumps.” And the dudes on stage had t-shirts that supported the declaration.

“Two words,” says Patton before introducing the punk legend. “Jello. Biafra.”

“Sorry Mariah Carey was supposed to do this song,” Biafra tells the crowd, “but that turned out to be fun with fake news. So… now… more… than… ever… Nazi Trump fuck off!”

Dead Cross, meanwhile, play Royale in Boston on September 11.

Featured image via jesseriah/YouTube.

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