New Sounds: Prepare for serenity because Jenna Kyle wants to spend ‘Summer With You’

At the start of the year, Jenna Kyle arrived on the scene with “Dust”, a lighting jolt of an electro-pop bob from the New York-based, California-born singer. She quickly followed that up with “Lovelorn”, a slow-burning fling of enchantment that showed off a more ethereal side. Now, after a few chill months that have allowed us to catch our collective breaths, Kyle is back with a slinky, seasonally appropriate fantasy jam titled “Summer With You” — and it has sent our hearts into overdrive.

Turns out, we’ve been living in the Year of Jenna Kyle all along.

Of course, while there’s a bit of a morning-afternoon-evening arch to the trilogy of songs Kyle has released so far in 2017, it’s this latest effort that’ll extend deep into the night. A downtempo, house-based number that feels a bit like Lana Del Rey fronting Telepopmusik (the alliances to early-aughts underground classic “Breathe” are wonderful), “Summer With You” is an infectious bit of pop bliss; the kind of track that gets the repeat-play treatment on a road trip from here to eternity. The track is collaboration with producer/DJ Wes James (Le Youth), written in his Venice Beach studio, and connects Kyle’s current NYC standing with her west coast origins.

“‘Summer With You’ became a fun and light hearted song about my affair with California,” Kyle says. “It’s playing with that malleable time when you’re lovesick and just need to say it out loud but you’re still unsure if they feel the same way.”

Listen to it below. And clear your playlist for the rest of the day.

Featured Jenna Kyle image courtesy of the artist.