Real Talk: Whitney just gave us five life lessons we all need in 2017

Later this month, we’re gonna get a whole lot of Whitney.

The Chicago band is not only playing the jam-packed Boston Calling Music Festival on Friday, May 26 (set time: 3:55 p.m. on the XFinity Red Stage), but they’ll also be throwing down later in the weekend, closing out the fest’s afterparty series with a club date at The Sinclair in Cambridge.

In the off-chance their sweet jams like “Golden Days” or “No Woman” haven’t gotten you totally fired up, today the Whitney dudes dropped a five-point tweet that skillfully serves as a moral compass for us to navigate life in the societal minefield that is 2017. And they did it without even getting political.


Let’s recap:

1. Don’t do heroin

2. Don’t touch anyone without consent

3. Don’t listen to The Chainsmokers

4. Drink La Croix

5. Live your life

We can’t argue with any of those points (though we now have T.I. and Rihanna’s “Live Your Life” stuck in our heads). Maybe, since Whitney will have an off day between their upcoming Boston Calling gig on Friday and the afterparty set on Sunday, they can set up a therapy booth somewhere in Allston on Saturday and give us all some much-needed tips on getting by. If not, we’ll turn our lonely eyes to Twitter.