Stream Johnny Jewel’s new solo album ‘Windswept’, featuring Chromatics, Glass Candy, and Desire


Next Saturday night, the evening after our 4th anniversary party, Drive returns to the Coolidge Corner Theatre for a special midnight screening (May 13). We’ve already got the pink vinyl version of the iconic soundtrack playing on a continuous spin here at Vanya HQ (as usual), but today we’ve received a new treat — a new album from Johnny Jewel, via the Italians Do It Better label.

The Drive soundtrack collaborator, responsible for some of the effort’s most recognizable songs, returns today with Windswept, a collection of unreleased music that features teamwork with familiar projects and partners Desire, Glass Candy, and his own Chromatics. It also includes music Jewel wrote for the upcoming Twin Peaks season.

The whole thing has a very cinematic vibe to it, and is likely another vinyl must-own. It will also hold us over as we await the updated version of Chromatics’ long-awaited new LP, Dear Tommy, due whenever.


Stream it below via Spotify.

Johnny Jewel - Windswept