Celebrate geting kicked out of Catholic school with Me Not You’s fiery alt-rock jam ‘Relief’


When I was in 10th grade, I was sent to play baseball at St. John the Baptist high school on Long Island. I hated every second of class there and it was by far the worst few months of my life — until my parents showed mercy on me and let me return to the wild west of public school. So I’m feeling this new high-octane alt-rock jam from New York duo Me Not You, which vocalist Nikki Taylor says is all about ghosting the fuck out of Catholic school.

“This song is about getting kicked out of Catholic high school,” Taylor says in a statement via Stereogum. “It was a really painful, yet freeing experience. In ‘Relief,’ I wanted to try to capture that moment of anxiety-ridden catharsis.”

The angst is palpable, and it reminds us a bit of early ’90s luminaries Curve.


Taylor and her Me Not You comrade Eric Zeiler are known in these digital pages for their work with electronic-pop trio Little Daylight, but if “Relief” is any indication, the new sound is a good move.

Listen to “Relief” below. Crank it way up, and tell St. John and every other Long Island Catholic school to suck it.