Power On: Soulelujah and Picó Picante team up for all-nighter at the Museum of Fine Arts


The notion of an all-nighter is something of legend in the true-spun circles of ’60s and soul dance parties. Of course, in the Boston area, the nightclubs’ 2 a.m. closing time (or in some cases, earlier) prevent that from ever truly happening, unless the party stops at one spot and continues on elsewhere. This Friday, however, celebrated dance night Soulelujah gets the green light to shake a bit later than usual, and in the unlikeliest of places: the Museum of Fine Arts.

Soulelujah, nominated for Best Music Night in the 2016 Boston Music Awards (and winners of the category last year, when it was dubbed, more appropriately, Best Dance Night) are teaming up with locally-based global bass party Picó Picante for the final edition of the MfaNOW’s Overnight series. The 13-year party that thrives every Saturday night at ZuZu and the Middle East in Cambridge will finally get a chance to shine on a Saturday morning. Doors open Friday at 9 p.m., and the thing runs until 4 a.m.

It’s also free, all ages, and a completely different look from the usual parties going on around the city.

“The MFA is trying to engage as many folks as possible, and there is honestly something for everyone at this event,” says Soulelujah’s Sean Quinn.

This link breaks down everything that’s happening, from gallery showings to food truck participation to sketching areas with live models, but here’s what on tap musically:

In the Level G Cafeteria, Pico Picante holds it down from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. with Slick Vick, MPEACH, DJ Bembona, Raq City, Riobamba, and Oxycontinental. Within the same timeframe over at Bravo on Level 2, Soulelujah presents John Funke, Ian Lawrence, Raleigh Fingers, Johnny Stevens and Claude Money.

“Personally, I think having a late night venue with so much to look at is pretty amazing, and I’m impressed by the MFA’s commitment to making this event so special,” adds Quinn. “[It’s] first come first served though, so plan ahead if you want to be there on the early side.”