Spud Me Do: This Thanksgiving, let Paul McCartney teach you how to make mashed potatoes

Paul McCartney.

Nobody likes a mooch on Thanksgiving. So this holiday, skip over the green bean casserole that no one wants to eats and saddle up at the dinner table with your own batch of homemade mashed potatoes. Even if your host has already made mashed potatoes, it’s totally cool — that’s one Thanksgiving item you can’t have too much of.

If you’ve awoken this morning without any idea as to how to make mashed potatoes, fear not: Paul McCartney is here to sort out your spud game.

In a video shot way back in 1998, and first posted to YouTube in 2006 (less than a year after the online video service launched), Macca pulls a recipe out of Linda McCartney on Tour: Over 200 Meat-Free Dishes from Around the World. McCartney’s wife had died of breast cancer eight months prior, and this cooking demonstration was one way the former Beatle honored her.


“Devastated by the loss, McCartney stayed out of the limelight for most of that year,” writes Open Culture. “And only with this show did he start entering public life again. A chance to remember Linda, an opportunity to experiment with this new thing called the internet, the show let Paul field questions from fans worldwide, reminisce about Linda, and make a recipe from her vegetarian cookbook.”

Featured photo by Mary McCartney.