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Camino 84 has a sweet new dance jam all the electronic music blogs declared ‘too retro’


As much as anyone making music in Boston these days, Ryan Lucht knows a thing or two about the history that’s shaped the modern sound of dance music. A few weeks ago, we premiered his Rare Gems & Killer Grooves from the WRBB Archives mix, a healthy look back into the more than 7,000 vinyl records archived at Northeastern University’s student-run station, 104.9 FM. It’s required listening.

Now, he’s back with an original throwback jam under his Camino 84 moniker, a slick hold-on-to-summer disco train called “Shining” that recalls the long-gone days of New York house. The track will be featured on Camino 84’s new EP, due this November, and you can fire it up via his Soundcloud.

Before you do, however, take note: Lucht sent the song to several electronic music blogs, and many of them rejected the track on the grounds it was “too retro.”


We have come full circle as a society, and our ouroboros of life chews on with teeth made of pageviews. Here’s some of the reaction Lucht received, and kindly note that we’ve kept the identity of these blogs private.

“It’s just a bit too much of a retro DJ cut for me”V.G.

“Feel the song sounds like early ’90s UK house and unfortunately a bit dated. Feel it needs to be more progressive”P.


“That disco influence is too strong for me”A.T.

“Great throwback synth sounds. Great groove and overall vibe. A bit too much of a throwback for the blog though.”A.D.

“Fun track, feels a bit dated — don’t get me wrong, I love the retro feel, it’s just not for us”I.S.

Maybe it’s for you, then.