Coming In Hot: Listen to the debut single from Boston ‘true grime’ crew This Bliss

We’re going to confess right at the start here that we know very little about This Bliss.

But what we do know is fairly enticing. The Boston-based band, which features Party Bois beat-maker and New Alliance East mastermind Nick Zampiello, are attempting to introduce us to a new musical genre called “true grime”. Their first shot at owning what’s sure to be every music website’s preferred buzz genre come 2017 arrives via a seductive debut single called “Simmer 2X”. They even made a video for it.

The single is a chilled-out and mindful pop track, which gently gliding along realms of trip-hop and R&B without falling completely into either. At its chorus peak, the confidence of vocalist Jess Baggia oozes out of the speakers, and the tune rages at just the right levels.

This Bliss are playing their first show ever this Saturday, September 17 at Sally O’Brien’s in Somerville, adding some electro jolts to the usually staid venue alongside Vanya faves Mei Ohara, Telelectrix, and others. Get caught up below.