Twice As Nice: Fat Creeps return with a live show this weekend and a new pair of sweet jams


At the start of this train wreck of a decade, Fat Creeps were one of our most favorite-est of bands: deadpan guitar-rock that cranked up the fuzz when necessary, but also displaying a wistful pop-centered core of ace songwriting, memorable lyrics, and some good old-fashioned rock and roll hooky-ness.

In July 2013 the Massachusetts band announced a hiatus, but resurfaced a year later to play the Fuzzstival and by release debut album Must Be Nice. After that, Fat Creeps’ two chief players, guitarists Gracie Jackson and Mariam Saleh, seemed more intent to move on to other, newer projects; the former a remarkable solo album from summer 2015 that demands your attention of you’ve yet to hear it, and the latter trudging forward with the weirdo-pop stylings of Bongwish. All told, between 2010 and 2014 or so, however, they released an impressive series of singles, records, and splits, including the hypnotic debut “Nancy Drew”, the mighty dose of ’90s buzzsaw pop called “Daydreaming”, and the jangly surf-rock warning tale of “Leave Her Alone”.

For real we could spend all day talking about how great Fat Creeps were.


And today, we can go back to talking about how great Fat Creeps are.

Recently, the Jackson and Saleh announced a reunion show, this Friday at the Lilypd in Cambridge, and last night posted two brand new Fat Creeps songs to Bandcamp. First, there’s “In Love”, recorded back in April 2014 at Q Division in Somerville, and it’s a crunchy guitar jam with a psych-rock head-trippy chorus that feels right a home with the best Creeps jams from yesterday. The other is “Man In The Window”, a spooky-ass lo-fi tale that kisses chilled-out ’60s pop right on the cheek.

“One night, Gracie and I were riffing while it snowed outside in Cooperstown when her mom called us and told us to look at a listing for a house she saw,” Saleh writes. “We reviewed the pics and in one of the windows, we saw a fuckin demon-ass guy and it scared both our whole butts off and made our teeth chatter like wind-up gag-store chompers. It inspired us to write this smooth fuck-jam. Enjoy.”


Enjoy it we will. Color us excited. Peep both Fat Creeps’ new tracks below, and feast your eyes on the incredible Lilypad comic book flyer by Mayzee Works.