We’re All Alligators: Listen to Feints’ bluesy rock cover of David Bowie’s ‘Moonage Daydream’


The Somerville rock and roll dynamo called Feints have had a pretty quiet 2016. But as they ready to whip up some new music, their first batch of boozy songs since last years Feints II EP, the Amy Douglas-led band has released a cover of David Bowie’s glam classic, “Moonage Daydream”.

The cover has been tacked on as a “bonus track” to last year’s release, and can be streamed and/or downloaded via their Bandcamp page.

“The dark irony is that roughly two months before Bowie passed, Feints had just started messing around with ‘Moonage Daydream’ as a potential closer for when we hit the stage again,” Douglas writes to Vanyaland. “I used to play it quite a bit back in NYC and it was such a blast to play. When Bowie did pass, we knew we would record this, but it’s safe to say that emotions ran high, and it took a while before we even felt comfortable attempting to do this.”


Douglass says Feints’ rendition honors one specific version of the song.

“We wanted to pay homage to the live version of the song now made famous by the Santa Monica 1972 concert which is heavier and louder and more raucous,” she writes, “by the time Mick Ronson hits his echoplex and freaks out all the kids in the audience you’re right there, so we really wanted to make this as far out as we could go. As Feints is a hard rock band, we wanted to bring out the parts of Bowie that touch the harder edges.”