‘Anything’s better than New Jersey’: Rebuilder tackle troubles on the road in new video


For any up and coming act taking their talents on the road, not everything is as smooth sailing as one would hope. Any one night can be an absolute disaster, and that’s what Boston punks Rebuilder examine in their new video for the track “Le Grande Fromage”.

Stemming from a show the quartet played in New Jersey that ultimately became a waste of time, they decided to write a song about it to tell everyone how much of a drag it was. It goes along with Rebuilder’s honest way of conveying lyrics and sounds and the music video is an excellent visual representation of the band’s style. If you’re in a band trying to make it on tour, take this track as a guide for what can happen when it all goes wrong.

For a backstory, frontman Sal Ellington tells New Noise Magazine: “On one of our first tours as a band, we played Atlantic City, New Jersey, at a venue called Le Grand Fromage. It was a pretty awful show for a number of reasons. The promoter went to another show in town rather than this one. They tried polling the door and the local opener was a jam funk band from Virginia that left right after they played. No one was there to even witness it other than The Record Collection who was on tour with us. Our set was also a disaster and Daniel almost quit the band. He wrote this song because at that moment he wanted to be anywhere but New Jersey.”


Things in the Garden State have since improved for Rebuilder.

“In actuality, all of our Jersey shows after that have been great and we signed to Panic State Records based out of Jersey,” Ellington adds. “We went back to Jersey to shoot this video and try to recapture how much it sucked, but you definitely had to be there to really know.”

Next month Rebuilder will be going on tour with fellow punks The Penske File from Burlington, Ontario, so check to see when they’ll be rolling through your neighborhood at the dates below and enjoy the brand new video after the listings jump.


Rebuilder on tour 2016
June 1 O’Brien’s Allston MA ^
June 2 The Grand Victory Brooklyn NY ^
June 3 Kung Fu Necktie Philly PA w/ Mikey Erg ^
June 4 The Hook Up Virginia Beach, VA ^
June 5 HBGB Brunswick GA ^
June 6 Loosey’s Gainesville, FL ^
June 7 Will’s Pub Orlando FL ^
June 8 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta GA^
June 9 The Glass Menage Nashville TN ^
June 10 Da Vida House Cincinnati Ohio ^
June 11 The Black Forge Pittsburgh PA ^
June 12 The Anchor Bend Asbury, NJ with Sammy Kay (Free Show) “Not a “BIG PUNK ROCK FEST” Pre-Show Pre-Show”
^ with The Penske File