Song Premiere: The Life Electric reach for the rafters to find ‘The Real You’

No one really knows what it takes to find “The Real You”. The Life Electric, however, are hellbent on finding out.

“I’d heard somewhere that we essentially become who were are as people by the age of seven,” says the Boston rock band’s frontman, Joey Chehade. “The core of what makes a person great is usually a very basic thing, so both the lyrics and music were kept very simple as well.”

Simple, but effective: The Life Electric are putting another round of “super” into this Tuesday with the Vanyaland premiere of “The Real You”, the soaring, rocket-fueled title track off their upcoming album, due March 25 via Zippah Records. It takes what the Life Electric do best — anthemic, uplifting rock and roll that’s hard to contain in a Soundcloud soundwave — and adds modern electronic flair and vintage ’80s synth-pop squeals. And it’s a proper reflection of what the Life Electric have in store on their new release, the band’s sophomore album and follow-up to 2013’s Calico EP.

“It’s about getting past people’s emotional baggage to get to their true, authentic self,” says Chehade, adding: “We noticed that it encapsulated a central theme with all of the songs [on the new LP]. The whole album’s about finding the best in people, including ourselves.”

So who is “The Real You”?

“That, my friend,” Chehade says, “is the million dollar question.”

Listen to “The Real You” below, and celebrate the Life Electric’s new album with the record release party March 25 at Great Scott in Allston, a Lysten Boston event with When Particles Collide and Oh Malô. Flyer below designed by Daykamp Creative.

Life Electric Daykamp Flyer