Dirty Black Summer: Glenn Danzig gives a goth Fred Armisen a beach makeover in Portlandia


Eternal dark lord of rock and roll Glenn Danzig is set to appear on the next episode of Portlandia, and yesterday, the world received a teaser clip to show just what the fuss is all about. In the IFC sketch-comedy show’s upcoming episode, titled “Weirdo Beach” and set to air Thursday night, Danzig plays a Romanian man with a thick accident, set on giving a goth Fred Armisen a beach makeover.

“My friend, you need a beach outfit,” Danzig’s tells him. “But the beach, it has its own expression, its own style. Let me share with you what I have found. Are you familiar …with Billabong?”

The former Misfits singer then pulls out a whole wardrobe of beach gear. Watch the teaser clip below.


Says Danzig to Rolling Stone about this unlikely collaboration: “I’m a big Fred Armisen fan. I love also what he and Carrie do on Portlandia. They sent me the script one evening after I had just gotten off tour. It was kind of very, like, quick. They wanted an answer really quick because they had tried to get in touch with me but couldn’t. They had already hired somebody else [laughs]. They were like, ‘If you want to do this, you have to come up here tonight.’ So I read the script and it was just too funny! I had to do it. There’s one line in it that was so funny, I said, ‘I got to do this.’ It’s hilarious.”