Eat The Rich: Watch Steven Tyler’s Skittles commercial before it premieres during Super Bowl 50

Yeah sure, Coldplay is performing live during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show later tonight with some (much needed) help from Bruno Mars and Queen Beyonc√©. But the real musical star power, at least as far as we here in Boston are concerned, arrives during one of the game’s commercial breaks.

That’s when Skittles rolls out its new ad featuring Aerosmith frontman and current county crooner Steven Tyler. In a cool Medieval castle, the singer comes face to face, literally, with a “Dream On”-singing Skittles portrait, and in case you don’t wanna miss a thing, you can taste rainbows in advance via YouTube.

This doesn’t make up for the lack of the Patriots in tonight’s championship game, but it does serve up some hometown pride. We think.