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‘101 Legends’: Check out Time Out London’s awesome cover tribute to David Bowie


There have been a significant number of tributes to David Bowie this week, coming in all forms: Billions of words published online and in print, endless memorials and murals liked and shared in our social media feeds, and countless musicians and artists taking to stages around the world. Bowie has not even been gone a week, and many are still processing his death.

Earlier today, Time Out London released its own tribute as magazine cover, and it’s striking in its beauty, simplicity, and creativity. “101 legends who were influenced by David Bowie,” as described on its Facebook page, all coming together to create the lightning-bolt face of Aladdin Sane.

Of course, Time Out is opening themselves up here, as obviously more than 101 artists can claim Bowie as inspiration (can any not?). But the art includes some of our favorites, in Suede, Pulp, Morrissey, Joy Division, Pet Shop Boys, Pixies, Blur, and others.


Naturally, people are using the Time Out London Facebook page to bitch about who was left off. One person, aghast at the omission of Tori Amos, called the editors “fools”.

But the response has been positive, rightfully so, and chances are many would buy a poster print of this, if it ever becomes available for sale.