Video Spotlight: Memories of the past burn deep in Gem Club’s heartbreaking ‘Speech of Foxes’


Somerville dream-pop trio Gem Club released their latest record In Roses two years ago this month, via Hardly Art, but the deeply emotive work still tugs at the heartstrings. Before the year was out, the band unveiled a new music video for deeper cut “Speech Of Foxes”, a Ben Phillippo-directed cut that’s one of the more emotional and visually engaging videos we’ve seen in a while.

Phillippo, the director of WGBH’s nightly news and talk show Greater Boston, takes the chamber pop sound of Gem Club and sets it as the backdrop to an elderly man out in the woods on a cold winter evening or early morning, placing old photos from his past into a fire. As the images start to burn, so does he, until he is completely engrossed in flames — and viewing himself from the outside.

Normally, this is the part of the post where we run a quote from the band or director about the clip. No need for that here, as the video speaks for itself. We will say this: Gem Club, who won a 2012 Boston Music Award for in the category of Video Of The Year (for “252”), might have a leg up on this year’s crop.


Watch it below.

Gem Club – Speech of Foxes (Official Video) from Ben Phillippo on Vimeo.