Punk’s Not Bread: CBGB-inspired restaurant to open at Newark Airport


Historic New York City punk venue CBGB may be long gone — its 315 Bowery space now filled by a John Varvatos clothing store — but it will soon have a half-baked second life… as a fancy restaurant at Newark Airport.

The new eatery takes a little more than inspiration from the iconic rock club. According to Gathamist, and since picked up by SPIN and other outlets, CBGB LAB (Lounge and Bar) could soon open by year’s end — which is, ohhhh, next week.

We’re still a bit skeptical about this entire premise, despite WMFU’s tweet, which you can peep below. But Gothamist did some digging, and it seems to check out.


They write: “Last month, Grub Street buried this bit in an article about Newark dining: ‘Harold Moore hooked up with the lamented CBGB and will serve ‘American fare in a fun environment recalling the legendary music venue.’ That fare will include $9 deviled eggs, an $11.50 wedge salad, and a $14 cheeseburger. There will not be an homage to Hilly’s Chili, for any price. The current owner of all things CBGB declined to comment on the venture, but it seems that all CBGB trademarks have been assigned to a holding company, and it is they who are behind this airport nonsense.”

Nothing says CBGB’s like “American fare in a fun environment”.

This should be interesting.