Commuter Warning: The Harvard University marching band has taken over the MBTA Red Line


Head’s up for anyone expecting a nice peaceful commute home this afternoon: The Harvard University marching band has apparently taken over an MBTA Red Line train.

Word is spreading via social media that the festive noise polluters and jolly brass-holes are roving the cars in rather large numbers. On Twitter, Alyssa Hassan reports that in one particular car, there are roughly 8 to 10 band members, including “a sax, tuba, snare drum, & other things I didn’t notice as I was busy trying to post to social media.”

The band was playing “All I Want For Christmas,” casually ignoring those headed home from work who put “peace and quiet” on their holiday wish lists. Or those who don’t recognize Christmas. On the plus side, none of the marching band members had giant strollers blocking the doors.


In a later tweet, Hassan says the band got off at the Harvard stop — so all might be clear for the next hour or so. Just to be safe, you might want to Uber home.