Hollywood Calling: Watch a cast of movie characters join together and sing Adele’s ‘Hello’

Adele’s “Hello” is slowly becoming the “Don’t Stop Believing” of our generation.

As we’ve written here before, pretty much everyone has sung it by now, and this week, we can add an impressive host of famed Hollywood characters to the list. Dutchman Matthijs Vlot crafted the latest bit of Adele mastery by editing together film character’s lines to echo the song’s lyrics, and it’s weirdly inspiring. It’s feels like some sort of warped PSA, a “We Are The World” for scorned lovers everywhere.

From Han Solo and Dirk Diggler to Big Bird and Harry Potter, we can all learn something (anything?) from this star-studded cast.

Still doesn’t beat that Korean high school student, though.

Meanwhile, the single’s original version reached Number 1 in 28 countries, and Adele’s latest album, 25, shattered sales projections since its November 20 release date, making it the “the first album to sell more than four million copies in a calendar year since Adele’s own 21 moved 4.41 million in 2012,” according to Billboard.