1-800-MAYBE-NOT: Hotline Blink is the 182nd-most unnecessary thing to listen to this week


When it comes to mash-ups, edits and re-fits, odd musical pairings are usually endearing. Nine Inch Nails and Carly Rae Jepsen worked out just fine, as did Rihanna and KoRn’s tangle down the nu-metal rabbit hole a few weeks ago. Even DMX and Reading Rainbow was on that “real shit”.

But Dr. Brixx’s new pop monster called “Hotline Blink” — which takes Drake’s favorite meme-jam “Hotline Bling” and slices it up with Blink-182’s pop-punk ode to depression, “Adam’s Song” — just doesn’t feel right.

Or maybe it does. Or maybe it’s not supposed to. Or maybe this is payback for spilling all that god damned apple juice back in the day.


Either way, listen to it once and toss it in the pile with all the other “Hotline Bling” vibes that have dominated the closeout of 2k15.