Party On The Red Line: Andrew W.K. approves of this doctored MBTA subway stop

The Red Line likes to party. You knew this.

It’s rare that we get excited over MBTA graffiti, and it usually takes something like someone crossing Beck’s name off a Boston Calling poster and adding Beyonc√©’s above it (remember that?). But this week even Andrew W.K. can’t help but notice a bit of crafty handiwork on one subway train, where a passenger doctored the Andrew t-stop designation with a shout out to ol’ “W.K.”

And Sir Andrew of Party has noticed. Now we know why everyone gets off there each evening.

Someone on this Boston Redline train likes to party. (Thanks to Craig Bidiman for sending this in!)

Posted by Andrew W.K. on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Andrew W.K., who in August played Cuisine En Locale in Somerville, has a handful of live appearances coming up. Check them out below…

ANDREW W.K. 2015
October 10, Los Angeles, California: Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds, Solo Music
October 12, Edmonton, AB, Canada: The Starlite Room, Solo Music
October 13, Calgary, AB, Canada: Nite Owl, Solo Music
October 15, Winnipeg, MB, Canada: Pyramid Cabaret, Solo Music
October 17, Des Moines, Iowa: Vaudeville Mews, Solo Music
October 17, Des Moines, Iowa: Iowa Historical Building, Lectures
November 1, Gainesville, Florida: Lot 10 – FEST 14, Concerts
November 8, Austin, Texas: Fun Fun Fun Fest, Lectures