Song Premiere: Providence’s Feng Shui Police burst with youthful energy on ‘Try’

Believe it or not, Providence is a city with many luxuries. There are some of the best restaurants on the planet inhabiting The Creative Capital, gathering flocks of people from all over the land salivating over the scrumptious grub so many establishments have to offer. The art community has always been a staple of the city’s beauty and imagination, walk around downtown and you’ll even see a bunch of murals on the walls. There is also a booming craft beer industry invading the city and the surrounding areas. Of course, if you’ve been checking out Vanyaland’s Providence news page then you already know about the wonderfully amazing, unique and vibrant music the place possesses.

What does — and always will — fuel the city’s music scene are young kids coming up and creating interesting and original tunes that continuously rejuvenate the styles coming out of it. One of the many leading the pack has been Feng Shui Police, an alternative rock trio led by Brown University students Dash Elhauge, Evan Harris, and Hariz Johnson. It’s a simple but brilliant sound, combing the elements of jam and punk with honest and heartfelt lyrics about heartbreak and alienation that is relatable to anyone who has experienced the grand voyage of life. They have their debut album Coffee With The Feng Shui Police coming out on November 1 and the album’s first single, “Try”, is out today.

Listen to it via Bandcamp below.

The track starts off slow with Elhauge kicking things off as if he was strumming an old school r&b ballad and then it leads up to an energetic chorus while never letting up. Halfway through, the rhythmic intensity has what it takes to become a party starter at any social gathering. It’s a genuine love story all about the awkwardness or trying to talk someone for which you have feelings — and who hasn’t experienced that? The trio captures the youthful energy of their music in excellent fashion over three-and-a-half minutes.

Feng Shui Police are rocking AS220 tonight with The Sweet Release, Young Hummus, and Interrabang, and Brown University students get in free of charge by showing some student ID at the door (it’s $5 for the rest of us). Perhaps Dash, Evan & Hariz will play the song live and cause a ruckus, but you’ll have to show up and find out.

Feng Shui Police Flyer