Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman post first photo of newborn baby boy Anthony

Amanda Palmer is now a mom. And husband Neil Gaiman is a dad.

The pair just posted their first photo of their newborn baby boy to Patreon moments ago. Palmer writes: “after 24 hours of labor at home (well, someone’s home, at least) with three magical midwives and our doula and loving friend, whitney, we’re finally all safely landed on the other side of childbirth…me, neil and little anthony. someday i’ll tell you the whole story. it was a crazy, beautiful trip.”

Anthony was born at 8:37 a.m. on September the 16. Palmer says she’s going to lay low for a while.

She adds: “please forgive my total lack of online presence for a while…i’m so happy to be spending the time away from the the phone and the computer and doing the only thing i want to do right now…at home, in the quiet woods, all three of us falling in love with each other after our long long journey together. we’re exhausted.”

Writes Gaiman on Facebook: “Yes, there’s news. He’s very small, and perfect. Mother and son are doing wonderfully. He’s now 5 days old.”

Check out the image below…

AP child