Life Is Sweet: Shy Kids create an incredible apocalyptic music video made entirely out of candy


Candy-pop is so hot right now — and we’re not talking about some made-up genre name for Charli XCX.

Last week we hyped a new track from Slow Magic, who crafted a unique song from sounds made entirely from smacking, stacking, and sampling pieces of candy, and today comes a music video from Toronto’s Shy Kids, starring a bunch of Sour Patch Kids in land of candy set to be hit by some jawbreaker meteorites. The entire video for “® o c k e t s” is comprised of candy, and there are cameos by Ring Pops, PEZ, Kit-Kats, Starbursts, candy corn, and other tasty treats.

As the video’s intro reads, “Life is sweet, when everything is made of candy… until things go sour.”


As Noisy notes, Shy Kids did all the digital animation, editing and production for “® o c k e t s” themselves, and their work on 2013 short film Noah drew massive online praise nd won best short film at Toronto Independent Film Festival.

For “® o c k e t s”, candy became a focal point.

“The idea for the video came about when we started thinking about what eating candy signifies,” says the band. “This sweet sugary poison that you ingest that makes you feel so good. What consequences there are to live in a world made of that substance. It took us nine months and $600 worth of candy. Shout out to SUGAR MOUNTAIN and Bulk Barn. We still have all the candy, don’t know what to do with it – it’s pretty stale now.”

Maybe they’ll bring it all on tour. is off Shy Kids’ recent record Lofty!, and you can download or stream it via their homepage.

And here’s a look behind the scenes on how Shy Kids created the video…