Punk Rock Boys: Watch the Queers fight their own bassist live on stage in San Diego


San Diego is a pretty chill town. The beaches are great, the Padres are (occasionally) fun, and my grandfather’s Solunto Baking Company once made the best Italian bread on the entire West Coast. It’s a good time all around, but angst was high at a recent Queers show at North Park Theatre.

Sometime during the veteran New Hampshire band’s set, the bassist started fucking around with the drummer’s kit (it starts up around the four-minute mark in the video below). After several attempts to mess around with the drummer’s cymbals, the bassist turned his attention to one of the Queers’ guitarists, who really wasn’t feeling this punk rock behavior. Especially during Boy Scout anthem “Kicked Out Of The Webelos.”

Finally fed up, the guitarist slammed a mic stand against the bassist and shoved him flying across the drum riser. After a short delay, the guitarist assumed the role of bassist and the show went on.


We’re sure there’s more to this story, so in the meantime, watch it all unfold below..