Get flashy: Freak out accordingly with Meat Wave’s seizure-inducing ‘Delusion Moon’ video


With the recent winter we just had here in Boston (it was five months ago but we’re still frozen on the inside), most of us will welcome any sort of heat wave. Whether or not we want a Meat Wave probably depends on how much we’ve had to drink, but that won’t stop the Chicago punk trio from dishing out some sweet freak-out juice through the screen of their new seizure-inducing video for “Delusion Moon.”

Seriously, just watch it. You’re gonna go a little nutty, even though it comes in a shade under two minutes long. If it were any longer we’d all be institutionalized.

Anyway, “Delusion Moon” is the title track to the trio’s upcoming album, due September 18 on SideOneDummy Records. Pre-order it here before motion sickness sets in. Or during, we don’t even know.


“When I was writing this record, it was probably the craziest time in my life. I had a service industry job, was in school studying journalism and pretty much everybody I encountered just seemed insane,” says singer/guitarist Chris Sutter, who adds that each of Delusion Moon’s tracks serve as a first-person account from the perspective of one of these lunatics.

We get it.

After a couple of Riot Fest gigs, Meat Wave hit the road this October for a tour to support Delusion Moon, but the closest it comes to Boston is an October 21 show in New Haven (for real). Call your friendly rock and roll booking agent and demand he or she brings Meat Wave to town. UPDATE 5:05 p.m.: We are told that Meat Wave play Great Scott in Allston on October 18. Happy ending.