Listen to ‘Singing Tower’ by R. Ring, Kelley Deal’s band that plays Allston tonight


Scoring one for the booking team at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, who are bringing R. Ring to their Harvard Avenue stage tonight. R. Ring may not be a rock-household name, but it’s members are; the duo features the Breeders’ Kelley Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery, and carries a much different sound than the projects the two are known for.

In April, R. Ring released a new track via Yahoo Music, titled “Singing Tower,” and you can hear that below. The song was released this month as a 7-inch vinyl split single with Kentucky band Quailbones, off Sofaburn Records.

Says Montgomery about the track, via Yahoo: “I had a really kind, ancient uncle who lived across from an equally ancient church. The ringing bells used to parse his days. After he died, I imagined him haunting the bell tower. This song is for him; to let him know it’s safe to come down now.”


Back in April, Yellowscene asked Deal how her new project, which she formed back in 2010, differs from the Breeders. She replied:

The Breeders is a full band experience with drums, bass, guitars, vocals. It’s a rock outfit. With Mike and I, it’s typically just two guitars and two vocals. We may have a snare drum and percussion with us this time on some shows, but typically everything is reliant on the sound and the ambiance that we can make with electric guitar, acoustics or vocals. I also have this made-up keytar – a little organ that I sling over my shoulders and make some sounds with. It’s fun for me, because it forces me to break down the song and to understand what parts of the melodic arc in this song or narrative has to be there or the song falls apart – in a bad way, not in a good way? It’s like a puzzle, and it’s fun to do.

Listen to “Singing Tower” below, and get more info on tonight’s show via the V:List.