Double Play: Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz return with second Dunkin’ Donuts single, ‘Turn It Up’


First they were merely “Sippin'”. Now they’re straight-up gulping.

Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz are back with another Dunkin’ Donuts “Summer Chill” jingle, this time going in hard on their combined love of iced coffee with “Turn It Up.” The Patriots tight end is feelin’ alright as he delivers the Auto-Tune vocals, while Big Papi serves as the mix-happy DJ. A giant anthropomorphic iced coffee mascot dances alongside them, but does not twerk in the minute-long clip.

Maybe next time.


Meanwhile, Gronkowski’s Family Feud episode is set to air July 19 after being bumped from its original June broadcast date, and his party ship cruise is set to sail in February.

So while he asks us to “Turn It Up”, we know Gronk already has his shit on 10.