Social Law: Listen to the debut EP from Providence punk quartet Public Policy


Merged together from members of two uniquely original rock acts in A Troop Of Echoes and No Ocean, Providence punks Public Policy finally released their debut Demo EP to the masses. An exciting sound that harks from the heydays of D.C. hardcore punk acts like Fugazi and Bad Brains, the complex song structures make for a rigid listening experience, all while keeping things loud and distorted.

Recorded and mixed by A Troop Of Echoes’ bassist Harrison Hartley at the Woonsocket, Rhode Island, warehouse space of Govt Mule’s monitor engineer Graham Mellor with Carl Saff on mastering duties, the quality of the EP is outstanding. Usually anything referred to as a demo has to have at least one fault when it comes to the production, but Public Policy’s release doesn’t have any of that. A triple onslaught of vocals led by rhythm guitarist Dean Gardner with bassist Dan Sliwinski and lead guitarist Nick Cooper on backing duties ups the intensity and angst. For abstract punk, Public Policy doesn’t go too far off the edge but just enough to keep things interesting.

Public Policy’s next show will be at AS220 on 115 Empire Street in downtown Providence on July 17 where they’ll be taking the stage with local space punk weirdos the Viennagram, Boston psychedelic garage rock trio the New Highway Hymnal, and fuzz rock badasses Black Oil Incinerator.


Check out the EP via Bandcamp below…