By The C3P0: One brilliant Padawan combined a love for Suede and Star Wars in this movie poster


When it comes to our favorite things, both Suede and Star Wars are near the top of the list. But rarely have they ever crossed paths, despite the British rock band’s penchant for singing about stars and including them in album and song titles. And we’re sure George Lucas didn’t have Suede in mind when the prequels started in 1999, a few short years after the band’s peak, even though Darth Maul probably listened to a lot of Dog Man Star while auditioning to become a Sith apprentice.

We sure did.

But, hey! Suddenly, our worlds and galaxies have collided in spectacular fashion with the movie poster for Suede Wars: A New Morning, which was (we believe) created by James Agar and posted to the Brett Anderson In A Place tumblr.


Sure the poster is a bit crude, but it drives home the point: Brett Anderson is the Emperor, Simon Gilbert is Han Solo, Neil Codling is Princess Leia, Mat Osman is C3P0, and Bernard Butler is Luke Skywalker.

Richard Oakes as Jabba The Hutt is just kinda mean, though.

Here’s hoping they cast Ed Buller (Boba Fett?) and Justine Frischmann (Queen Amidala?) in the inevitable sequel. Maybe Damon Albarn can be an Ewok.


Suede Wars