Synthwatch: David Hasselhoff just kicked your tired-ass ’80s nostalgia in the nuts


Hey man, you love the ’80s? Well that shit wasn’t all cool high schools, cocaine, and new wave dance parties.

No sir, there were important things, too, like Lamborghinis and Power Gloves and bear-less keytars and neon lights and… The Hoff?!?!!

The Hoff.


David Hasselhoff inexplicably took on the Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer premiere today to unveil “True Survivor”, and ’80s-gasm of cool shit and synth pop that’s apparently tied in to some Kickstarter campaign to fund a new movie. The flick, Kung Fury, is billed as “spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80s cop movies” — and it’s already raised more than $630,000 to date.

Which is like chump-change to the Hoff, you know, but still kinda cool.

Watch it before it’s lame in 15 minutes.