Remind Me: New England states hate Nickelback more than the rest of country, new study claims


People love to assume that everybody hates Nickelback, and after hearing that last shit-disco of a single, who can blame them? But the cold, hard truth remains that if everyone hated Nickelback, then Nickelback would no longer exist, and certainly not be able to sell 50 million records around the world. Even frontman Chad Kroeger once pointed this out.

So it leads to the question: Who, exactly, still loves the Canadian rock band, and who is steadfast in their hate?

The answer of the latter, not surprisingly, is New England.


According to a new survey by AccuRadio, researched via their playshares across 975 channels, Rhode Island hates Nickelback more than any other state in the country. In the Top 6 “hate” category are Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. New Hampshire has a “dislike,” and Maine came in “neutral.”

What’s up, Maine? Too close to Canada, eh?

The states that love Nickelback are really no surprise: Idaho, Nevada, West Virginia, Alaska, Washington, Missouri, Wyoming, and, uhhh, New Jersey.

Check out the full info graphic below, and click here for a recap of the data.