Electronic Rush: Listen to André Obin shine through the curtain on new single ‘Endorphin’

As we’ve noted many times in the past, André Obin remains one of Boston’s most skilled electronic music producers, crafting a sound as consistently volatile as our city’s seasons. We raved over his majestic track “Watermark” off last year’s Ways of Escape LP, noting there was a newfound sense of hope and shine in Obin’s usually stoic Soviet bloc techno.

Today Obin has released a new track, “Endorphin”, and the glow is still shining through the cracks in the curtain.

It’s a jubilant track perfect for a city emerging from a destructive winter, pining its hopes on a springtime that we’re not entirely sure will ever happen. Obin’s evolution as a master song craftsman is on further display here, and “Endorphin” is the title track to his new LP due May 5 via Sky Council Recordings. More on that release as details are released.

In the meantime, listen to “Endorphin” below. The accompanying artwork is by Kevin Grady, assisted by Veronica Padilla and Lyndsey Almon.