Possum Badgers: Watch Tegan And Sara & the Lonely Island perform ‘Everything Is Awesome’ at the Oscars


Yeah yeah, everything is awesome. We know.

Tonight at the 87th Academy Awards, Tegan and Sara teamed up with the Lonely Island to perform their Oscar-nominated hit “Everything Is Awesome,” from the LEGO Movie. And they had a nice bit of help — cameos included Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, Questlove, Will Arnett, and one very awesome possum.

Not to mention a kinda goth-looking pair of Quin sisters.


Watch the way-too-short performance below, which at just more than two minutes long is a blitz on the senses. And note the passing out of some golden, LEGO-made Oscar trophies — Oprah and Steve Carell both got one! Be sure to check eBay in the morning.

And while we’re on the topic of stuff we could buy, later this week once the Oscars dust settles, let’s get to securing that Awesome Possum back on a Louis CK shirt immediately.