Snowed In: Watch Band Without Hands’ ingenious cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘People Are People’


Earlier this week most of Boston found themselves buried under a few feet of snow. With the inability to go out and see live music, Do617 launched its Snowed In Sessions, asking bands around New England to record themselves performing in their homes in an effort to bring live music to the bored masses.

The first two volumes featured intimate and balls-out performances by musicians across our scene’s spectrum: Evan Kenney of Dirty Bangs, American Echoes, Orchids, Jeff Vachon of Doom Lover, and the Furniture on Tuesday’s Volume 1; and Feints, ESH the Monolith, the Field Effect’s Doug Orey, Pyotr, and Jason Dunn of the Luxury on yesterday’s Volume 2.

For this morning’s third edition, shit got off the chain. In addition to Magic Island’s soulful submission, Boston rock quartet Band Without Hands covered Depeche Mode’s 1984 synth-pop classic, “People Are People.”


Seeing as each of the members were snowed in and unable to get to the Band Without Hands practice space and grab their instruments, they improvised. Using a water bottle, a stove, some pots and pans, an acoustic guitar, assistance from Freddie Mercury (the cat), and some good ol’ vocal harmony, Band Without Hands got more than creative, and it’s even more impressive than their spin as Nine Inch Nails this past Halloween.

Check out their cover of “People Are People” below, and catch Band Without Hands — with the instruments — February 27 at Club Bohemia at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge and Sally O’Briens in Somerville on March 13.