Silverchair’s Daniel Johns has a new soul-pop video that could melt the snow of Boston


Don’t look now, but Silverchair’s breakout album Frogstomp turns 20 years old next month. Despite the chance to cash in, former frontman Daniel Johns — the post-grunge group officially disbanded in 2011 — probably won’t wait until tomorrow for any anniversary tours, because he’s got a steamy new video out for pretty-good soul-pop single “Aerial Love.” [Super-duper side note: Remember 2000s NYC band Aerial Love Feed? They were great! Ahhhh.]

Anyway, Johns unexpectedly jumped back into our lives a few weeks ago with his live cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at an Australian music festival, but in no way did that clever reboot hint at what was to come: a slickly polished, certified J-A-M that’s hot enough to melt all the snow around Boston.

Of course, Johns writing great songs is no surprise — he did it as a teenager, and we still don’t know how Silverchair’s 2007 single “Straight Lines” wasn’t a huge hit, though it probably had to do with the ’90s band’s reputation.


Free from all that, Johns releases the Aerial Love EP on March 13, and we are all in.

Hat tip to @psilosybical for the looks on this.