Damn Good Party: Andrew WK just asked David Lynch if he could play Killer BOB on the new Twin Peaks

There are many questions surrounding Showtime’s upcoming reboot of the classic television series Twin Peaks, including who will reprise the role of Killer BOB. The original actor from the 1990-91 cast, Frank Silva, died in 1995.

While sites like Welcome To Twin Peaks have rolled out several suggestions on who should take on Killer BOB’s role as dark spirit of the 2016 series, none other than Andrew WK made his own pitch to co-creator David Lynch via Twitter last night.

The resemblance, we have to admit, is rather uncanny. And the musician did make the Welcome To Twin Peaks list back in October.

As of press time, Lynch has yet to respond publicly. The famed director’s last tweet came on January 12, when he announced Kyle MacLachlan was returning as Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Stay tuned, and party hard.

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