Bow Down: Listen to a pair of killer debut jams from Boston melodic rock powerhouse Worshipper


There’s going to be a god-dammned orgy of new sights and sounds at the Sinclair in Cambridge tomorrow night for Sidewalk Driver’s record release party. In addition to the new album birthed by Boston’s glam rock heroes and sets by the hard-charging Organ Beats and fresh-faced new-pop duo Leo*Leo, the night also features the live debut from Boston melodic rock supergroup Worshipper.

A band composed of four dudes with previous and current ear-splitting stints in Mellow Bravo, Bang Camaro, Cult 45, Cracktorch, Rule, Township, and others (but hey, not all at once), Worshipper dropped a new two-song teaser earlier in the week, and you can fire that shit up for some pre-show preparation down below.

“For the entire show, it was really important to me, and to Sidewalk Driver, to put something together that was more of a showcase of bands than just three or four bands that were pretty similar,” show promoter Richard Bouchard tells Vanyaland. “So we’ve got a bossa nova inspired two-piece, some melodic metal thunder, straight up rock power, and glammy power pop headlining. The point was to make it something bigger than the average local rock show.”


We’ll let you figure out which band is what.

In the meantime, both Worshipper tracks, the riff-blazing “Black Corridor” and mental face-smacking “High Above The Clouds,” are streaming via the Worshipper Bandcamp page and are available for free download. Or you can pay for it.

Advance tickets to tomorrow’s rock party are available here.


Re-boot your style and function with Sidewalk Driver’s video for “My Face,” which we premiered back in December, and check the show poster by the lovely and talented Daykamp Creative

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