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‘1983’ Forever: Listen to the sparkling new single from Seattle’s The Weather


As someone who has spent his entire life in the Northeastern part of the United States, there are very few things I am absolutely sure about regarding Seattle. One, Mariners superstar Edgar Martinez should be in the Hall of Fame. Two, it’s still crazy that Stephen actually slapped Irene on the Real World a hundred years ago. And three, they got a pretty damn good pro football team. KEXP rules, too. (Okay that’s four, not bad.)

Oh, and something something something about the weather, probably regarding rain. We hear they get lots of it, which makes the weather maybe not the most beloved thing in that part of the world. Or maybe it is, kinda like how we love Massholes here in Boston. If it’s the latter, than indie-pop band the Weather are certainly on to something.

We’re still discovering these cats, and getting to know them, but their new single “1983” has some real star power. We first came across it on Not Marco Collins’ Soundcloud a few days ago, right around when the video for the track dropped on YouTube. It’s been on repeat since then, and we’re already daydreaming of the time, probably this summer, when we’re sick of it because it’s everywhere.


The Weather have a new record, Waters Electric, coming out soon, but in the meantime the magnetic sparkle of “1983” should be enough to not only hold us over, but add to our collective knowledge of the great land of Seattle.

Of course we take all this back if the Patriots and Seahawks end up meeting next month in Super Bowl XLIX. So let’s enjoy this while we can.

Listen to “1983” below, either via video or Soundcloud.